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Entering & Exiting

The Bahamas

  • To enter The Islands Of The Bahamas, private vessels need the following:"
    One (1) copy The Bahamas Customs Clearance Form for Pleasure Vessels or One (1) copy of The Bahamas Customs Clearance Form for Charter Vessels
  • Proof of Citizenship
  • If bringing pets into The Bahamas
    Follow these instructions
  • Arriving by Boat
    Visiting boaters must clear Customs and Immigration at the nearest designated Port of Entry. As you enter each port, fly the yellow quarantine flag and notify Customs of your arrival. Only the captain is permitted to leave the boat until your vessel has been cleared. Customs and Immigration officials will come to your vessel. Everyone on board must have proof of citizenship and fill out an immigration card. US citizens must present a passport. Before leaving The Islands Of The Bahamas, be sure to surrender your copy of the immigration card at the last Bahamian port you visit. If you have a firearm on board (shotguns and handguns only) you must declare it with Bahamian Customs. You must provide the serial number, name of the manufacturer, plus an exact count of ammunition. While you are allowed to have a firearm on your boat, you cannot remove it. Weapons must be under lock and key at all times. In cases of emergencies, which require your departure by air, you must notify Bahamian Police or Customs. They will accompany you to retrieve the firearm and present you with a receipt. Upon your return to the island, Bahamian Police or Customs will escort you to your vessel and return your firearm. Any infraction of this law will be dealt with severely.
  • Entry Fees
    All boaters entering The Bahamas are required to pay an entry fee. a) For boats up to 35′, the fee is $150.00 b) For boats over 35′, the fee is $300.00 Fees Subject To Change The fees will cover: 1) Cruising Permit 2) Fishing Permit 3) Departure Tax for up to three (3) persons. Each additional person above three will be charged a $25 departure tax. This fee is good for a second re-entry within a 90-day period. If you plan to stay longer than 12 months, special arrangements must be made with Bahamas Customs and Immigration. Bahamas Customs and Immigration office hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Officers are on call during holidays and weekends.
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